can anybody help me hold this body

please share an image of your offering by uploading it to one of the archives below. this archive is a collection of items placed in honor of our loved ones to hold the accumulation of our collective grief, to witness one another as we gather, and to celebrate our resilience. our grief can be holy if we let it.

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New York

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  • New York

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  • uploads/newyork/Andrew Ingall__Lenapehoking NYC__from Wendy Richmond’s “Like the Back of My Hand” (2018). wendyrichmond.com__IMG_2475.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Cybele Moon__Philadelphia__John Latzman sewn memorial card by Cybele Moon__John Latzman 1925-2020 sewn memorial card by Cybele Moon.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Nichole__Lenapehoking __A seashell for my Mother, Paulette. She chose it and carried it with her for a long while. __332E76D4-4922-4A6B-912D-4160AB1B7686.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Michele Tantoco__Philadelphia, PA__crocheted flower with seashell tail with Immaculate Mary charm.__IMG-1896.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Zoe Fortin-Weiss__Brooklyn __Blue tea, your favorite, for my Nawa gone too soon__637D26CC-2A13-436D-B4E0-ADA224BBD114.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/lily__lenapehoking__photo of gram, young and warm, nested in lichened paper birch. heart and soul and madly.__F8E074AB-A6B1-4198-8211-421BCC29645B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/lily__lenapehoking__photo of gram, young and warm, enveloped in lichened paper birch. heart and soul and madly.__74BFE63D-BA76-4305-A44D-EBB2B3A4DB4D.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Sev__Lenapehoking__A spiral of knit twine-for Chuck__IMG_8016.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Liv__Lenapehoking (prospect park) __A string of dried flowers created last March 2020. Flowers are red, yellow and orange on a pink string. __E6A0D2E5-F569-4DB6-A949-DBA10711B06F.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/erin b__manhattan__a miniature, hand-cranked music box that plays “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star"__Handcrank music box.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/mae__occupied Lenape land__garlic in honor of my jewish ancestors__IMG_1938.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/humble New Yorker __lake of prospect park__birthday balloons, one heart, one question mark__06C1C0DB-72E9-4DDA-B077-6AF1B2E7A7DE.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Tavia Nyong’o__Prospect Park__A white flower __31AF75A2-7F6C-44F6-BE79-8B0C94E5720B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/rey__New york__Driftwood __D4F93EA1-18BC-4C4F-8D76-B0B552C23A15.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Katia__Coral Gables__Cuban Santeria San Lazaro alter inside Bayan Tree__IMG_1331.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Jennifer Patterson__so called northern New Mexico on Picaris land__borage blooms for holding the heavy and peeking towards the sun__C3F376FF-3E41-455E-9E81-A2D6B6FB28AB.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Mike T__Brooklyn __Metal airplane__CFE0158C-C89C-4AD5-AD6E-8DF7E7A3FC61.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/mónica__Brooklyn __Yellow and white flowers for our ancestors. A spiral that is a portal to hold grief and celebrate life.__3DF194E5-A4C8-4630-B654-E204397F14D1.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Lu__Lenapehoking__small jade beads carried with me through my mother’s passing, tied to a small branch __730B5350-F6C8-4240-A224-34F5DB8AFF8B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/IV Castellanos__Prospect Park on Lenape territory__dragon snaps, cornmeal and manzanilla __35CD7D2C-B3A6-4782-850D-56E2B9D04F25.png

  • uploads/newyork/Medha__Brooklyn ny __Spring time flora - a peony, stem of spray roses, and carnation__7F37E67C-F81B-4661-AE62-9C1EB0DADC05.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/nina__ny__to support the vastness of our transitions. paper clay, paint, polymer clay saved since i was 8 from pearl paint__IMG_8405.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Tara__Lenapehoking (Brooklyn)__on your table. in my pocket. your garden. covered in sugar water. by the side of your bed. summer moon. __6A6D349E-7A43-4AEB-9FF3-05D47C14E890.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Judy__Lenapehoking Brooklyn__Tea for family and ancestors,Branches from Boulder, Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Ute land for all lost past and present, Montauk shell for healing__IMG_7999.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Judy__Lenapehoking Brooklyn__Tea for family and ancestors,Branches from Boulder, Arapahoe, Cheyenne, Ute land for all lost past and present, Montauk shell for healing__IMG_7975.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/KG__Brooklyn__This is letting go of personal and collective grief. To help heal myself and honor my ancestors and lost loved ones. Grateful to have a safe space led by QT INDIGENOUS FOLKS. __5C748FC2-9FFF-40D4-9D69-748C7293E453.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Nicole__Brooklyn__I charged this rose quartz in the full moon, carried it with me for a week and then bathed it in the ocean. In memory of Clawz and all of our collective lost lovers. __0-1.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Nicole__Brooklyn__On my way to the public alter I stopped at Coney Island to dip my crystal offering in the sea, but then I walked up on an actual dead bird. xo __0.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/nina__ny__flattened paper clay, paint, and polymer clay saved since i was 8 from pearl paint, rip. in support of the vastness of our transitions__IMG_8405.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Jodi__Lenapehoking (Prospect Park, Brooklyn)__Creosote, the smell of desert rain. For those who passed on the land from which it came, 2020 - 2021: Uncle Bob, Aunt Judy, Judy W, Andi and Connie.__IMG_3846 (002).jpg

  • uploads/newyork/leora fuller__so-called brooklyn__A zine made for Joseph who died of AIDS when I was a child.__A720047B-B6BF-4F20-B8EE-CDB066BD8219.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Meredith Kaufman Younger__Brooklyn__Leaves of plant that belonged to Catie Lazarus__PXL_20210403_195916951.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Laura Colby__Prospect Park__round rock from Atlantic ocean__altar rock 4-3-21.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Oran__Nyc__Flower and shell on red string __E8D04DB6-84FF-48DA-99AE-C445F3CCF08B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Reilly__Lenapehoking (11218)__A dog change card for Monk, the gentlest one. Hope you see this, Di—it’s for you, too (and for Coach, a teacher, too)__8EB8AF15-7ABB-413A-BF03-C8ACE429C777.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Alex Nystrom __Brooklyn __The cause and the cold. Late and a mess. __03B8E302-E751-4870-AD31-06162B8A4C30.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Meredith Boggia__11231__I remember you as lovely as the most perfect tomato on the most perfect day. __8B0E019E-2993-4868-8CD6-C7B04D0E2428.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Tal Yarden__Brooklyn __I arrived with very little in my pockets so I thought I would leave these, thinking of the voices I won’t hear again even though they still talk to me every day. __D04A8738-7870-48FC-92EC-2E792314A0E3.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Toni __Brooklyn__A bit if fabric cut from a t-shirt, “they” written in sharpie, flowers from a memorial years ago__8B063731-7E61-46F5-BBC7-3B1674EB339B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Toni__Brooklyn__A wine cork and a red ribbon __09700CD3-D6AB-4117-9384-E138014CCA97.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Toni__Brooklyn __An epoxy nugget__16678923-FBD8-4992-AB32-3A746FD0FC4A.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Sarah Jenny__Brooklyn__A red scarf to honor my late father for whom my new son is named. __FDD43592-6F44-4BD7-BF76-6742A7C81BE6.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Anna Reichert__Prospect Park__A small red and pink molded plastic squirrel just about the size of a half dollar coin__image.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Zavé Martohardjono__Brooklyn__buffalo sweet grass from Umonhon territory, wild pheasant feathers from Lenapehoking, a dried sunflower stalk__D1A9691D-BEB0-486B-BA5E-AE562785E525.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Aynsley Vandenbroucke__Lenapehoking, Brooklyn__Sandalwood incense. This offering is for the air we share and for the mysterious processes by which people and experiences change form. For practices that help us find presence for the changes. __IMG_0976.JPG

  • uploads/newyork/Lucy sexton__NYC__Leigh died in 1994 of AIDS. A colleague died of COVID last week. Both of these losses have the sensation of just missing the branch of hope that may end the pandemics and saving their lives. __leigh bowery from lucy sexton.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Rattanamol Singh Johal__Brooklyn, NY__A white clay finger pot with the first blossoms of spring. In loving memory of those lost and love for those who have lost 🌼💛__95B7AC49-F6DF-48D7-A8A0-31CEF4775783.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Laura Barnett__Prospect Park __For my friend __0E7DAF05-A39F-4BCF-BCB6-87931A818204.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/devynn__Lenapehoking__the 4th and 5th rib of an entire deer, offered to me as medicine and released back to the earth in gratitude __70250AEC-8345-4BED-9DFD-1D4671418196.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Juri Onuki__Nyc__This is the part of the flowers that my partner bought for me when my cat passed at the age of 18.__28D939F0-0BF1-41ED-A147-9A285B3C2BBD.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/talya__lenapehoking, prospect park__stone with concentric circles that fits in the palm of my hand & lock of hair__IMG_20210402_150147946.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Katia__Brooklyn__bougainvillea flowers__IMG_1313.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Natalie__Lenapehoking- Prospect Park__Amethyst in memory of Prashant, Mike and Luke. And for Sarah with love.__655E34F2-6AC9-41D0-863C-D035EBEA1BEB.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Ellie__Brooklyn Lenapehoking __Flower essence made from flowers blooming in Prospect Park + lavender + rose + rosemary __E5903B96-E8F0-4CC4-963B-96BCDB7E5DBB.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Lissy Vomacka__Prospect Park__A milkweed pod in a golden bag waiting for this alter to land on.__64DC465C-0ED7-46A1-911D-9FB2A2398F4C.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Carolyn Hall__Brooklyn__Sand dollar, sea & land shells, a pink stone, and patterned fabric__4AF42BE2-9A6E-467D-9656-600052570547.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Elisabeth Skjaervold__Brooklyn, New York__A heart crocheted with white thread that was made by my mother.__IMG_20210402_125011492.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Fei__brooklyn__(one) | drawiñg of adam for the +hree he made of 我. the dirt is rubbed onto the dark of his shirt.__0C23C26E-BB78-4389-BD02-F741FAEA0877.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Marielys__Lenapehoking__Two white feathers that found me in my birth-home Borikén. May the spirits of our ancestors and lost loved ones move freely, willingly and expansively. May our grief be holy!! Our bodies remember. __20210401_104102.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/bụi__lenapehoking__aqua in a petit vessel. the water originated from a sacred offering at St. Marks Church in-the-Bowery on Sat. March 30, 2019.__A550FB48-7ED1-4EE4-A125-6E68A618E82F.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Elwood__Brooklyn __Guitar pick__E0FCB436-6D89-4424-AAAC-6A610433554F.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Seta Morton__Lenapehoking (Prospect Park, Brooklyn)__2 Florida Fighting Conch shells in my palm. Colors are cream, white, and charcoal. Barnacle clusters on the inside.__Seta.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Hadar Ahuvia__Lenapehoking __Three pieces of wood, one king and narrow, on wide shell-like, one branching __D5B20EDA-55E0-4D17-862E-B6C2D0849BB7.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Brittany E-A__Brooklyn __a bundle of dried sage wrapped together with string.__1EEAB5EA-B3BC-4DAB-AE7D-980A53B05A20.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Terry__Kaelber__David Buckel 4 of 4__8FAF5A98-00BB-43DC-9CF3-66290D9B3D39.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Terry__Kaelber__David Buckel 3 of 4__E457A21D-344A-4CB3-A6C3-68AD68B7C1FD.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Terry __Kaelber __David Buckel 2 of 4__6D217154-D0D6-4525-B893-3B595380315B.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Pati__New York __A piece of memory of a lost one carried back to the shore__A829A44B-929C-4C6B-AB39-BA2F0534FE2C.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Terry__Kaelber__David Buckel 1 of 4__91F9551C-4868-4884-9FB0-9C5AD8D0C1BD.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Stacy__Brooklyn__When one no longer exists, what to do with the proof that they did exist. This type of thing cannot go in the garbage.__IMG_2047.JPG

  • uploads/newyork/Nora__Brooklyn__a piece of my drawing practice, "Centipede," attempting to imagine all those lost__IMG_0161.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/Okwui & Umechi & Peter__Brooklyn__A packet of dried lavender __B4D10B0A-A589-439F-9AF0-EBCAC068C209.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Vallejo__Prospect park__For my dear old friend Vernon, a Bloody Mary. __B71DE792-A1A4-4B52-81F5-1B430CEDB2D7.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Tanya Marquardt__Lenapehoking __A stone for grounding; for all that was lost__AD29BADC-67B4-415E-B41D-386745E870BE.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Yanira Castro__Lenapehoking (Brooklyn)__Yellow tulip for two dears.__90A114FF-B8B5-4B3B-9128-6E7D627E5DD5.jpeg

  • uploads/newyork/Joseph__Brooklyn, NYC__My hand cups a few dried tobacco flowers. In the Cherokee tradition, Tobacco was given to the Cherokees by Hummingbird.__Pierce_Deadbird_Offering1.jpg

  • uploads/newyork/devynn__Lenapehoking__quills __IMG_4063.jpg

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  • Philadelphia

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  • uploads/philadelphia/Georgina__Philadelphia__These items belonged to my daughter Abi. She was wearing the necklace and the tongue ring the day of her accident.__Georgina.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Cybele Moon__Philadelphia__2 Sewn Hearts with pictures. 1 for my Mom who died in 2020 and one for my Uncle that I did not know, who also died in 2020. __Elaine Latzman 1939-2020 sewn Memorial card by Cybele Moon.jpg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Kylin Bruce Mettler__Bartrams Gardens __I love, Katie, Don, the unborn child, the children who have been shot this year. __9B223978-3BA2-4AF3-8F98-41C9B997BE4A.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Alison__Philadelphia__A small ceramic bowl made by my mother.__image.jpg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Chelsea__Philadelphia__Grandma necklace and grandma incense__PXL_20210417_194628274.jpg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Si__Philadelphia__A dragonfly charm from a necklace my grandmother gave me. Thank you and rest in peace.__29E08A33-B018-45EA-A19A-CBAF876A81F0.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/ask nicely__west philly__many things from a grave yard. roast goose__PXL_20210418_202838793.jpg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Denali__Bartrams Gardens__Plastic mochi cow for Auntie Sachs with red candle holder__074C4A1A-079F-49A2-9309-646F4858E25A.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Lily Fender__Bartrams Garden__Blue and white knit sweater, which I bought for a $1 when I was 20. We’ve been together for a decade of grief, reinvention of family and self, over and over.__9F76D732-4197-4D2A-AF87-6603420AE48F.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Dafna Steinberg__Philadelphia__A photo of me and my father taken in a garden in France when I was a child. And a zine letter written to the child I did not have. __CC105AD2-24DC-432C-819B-E1E68E8EFE3E.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Anastasia__Philadelphia, PA__A treasure from the sea for E, who held me through every loss for 16 years. __694EF6DF-191F-4B1A-A736-1D7BD0A1EEA4.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Kellie__Philadelphia, PA__My mother’s ashes__EA32BC80-8902-41E9-8DB3-427CF9C557C3.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/noam__Lenape land (Philadelphia)__A piece of wood painted gold, with the initials of people I have lost. A grief oxymel.__32830EAE-5587-4B09-8437-C0AB82E9BB54.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Laura Hawley__Brewerytown__Two links of a chain pressed flat by a train.__8151C891-9FEB-46DD-A9D9-7014C2F59691.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Justin Jain __Philadelphia__Well used paintbrush and list of names of ancestors. __DA083B63-E764-4B9E-81E2-893226230066.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Irit__Philadelphia __Salt, cloves, garlic, handmade bowl__9AC71B46-1CC7-43FB-9533-825410E17CD6.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Michael__Philadelphia __Scallop Shell for my grandparents __AA96BAF4-93AC-46FE-A5F2-AA5D7DC11614.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Michele Tantoco__Philadelphia, PA__crocheted flower with seashell tail and silver Immaculate Mary charm__IMG-1896.jpg

  • uploads/philadelphia/anonymous__found in Maine__releasing the anger, the fire in the sky, opening up for a new way__ABEF49AA-0D6A-480F-A8A9-B88301D27FEA.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Deb __Wayne__Daffodils and garlic __06DD3120-F44A-44F3-B44A-08B2A02EE19B.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Shirley__Rehoboth beach __for Bill, my love__B72C35EB-5E72-4D08-9BE1-4AA37EAA792E.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/david__philadelphia__violet bateman and cynthia, remorse, beginning___DSC0158.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/Nicole + Jack McLane__Philadelphia __For Pop. We love and miss you every day 🧡💜__1A103BAD-ACBD-4F67-A3E6-7DF59234CF54.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/devynn__Bartrams Garden__a decomposing of an old self, making room for growth __072CED09-4835-46D2-B0A3-D7D4402BB563.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/christina zani__bartrams garden__for emma sunny dominic__C27CD62E-D82A-4871-BCD8-82C820F5F810.jpeg

  • uploads/philadelphia/jumatatu__west philly__This is a roughly 20” hot pink braid made from synthetic extension__jumaoffering.jpg

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  • portland

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  • uploads/portland/Victoria Frey__Portland PICA__Tags for friends and family whio have passed. 28 important relationships. - many lost to AIDS__9E72144C-6824-41C9-9978-A80A06B9915E.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Renn__Portland__A shell from the coast near Nehalem Bay, for all those who take their grief to the sea, who wash their weariness in the salt waters, who find comfort in the ever shifting tides and sands and vastness. __20210530_152917.jpg

  • uploads/portland/pete__portland__At the end of the day, a pine cone, rosemary and rocks__IMG_20210530_212223.jpg

  • uploads/portland/Van__Portland__For Ha and Quang__PXL_20210530_225446096.jpg

  • uploads/portland/Linda K Johnson__PICA__I make plant medicine. Included in offering- Hawthorn for healing of the heart, and a collection of medicinal flowers from my garden__FB9BC561-BF36-411F-A136-B2E4628C8F3D.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Cherri D. Roden__Portland__For my mother Jo Ann Roden, amethyst and 3 point quartz as it was always the three of us. __213B778E-82B5-47C1-8D1F-AA1CF3A77AA7.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/ACM__PICA - Portland__Smooth Columbia Gorge river rock __A1684A03-6172-4D00-B92B-55C1A358686B.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/jack__portland__i miss my friend. i wish she had been here this last year to lean on. there are too few of us.__71B541DD-E100-4B66-B2F4-7403926E730C.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Linda __PICA__Tiny vial of gold glitter, a gift from a friend, with a smidgen of my mom’s ashes mixed in. __C3E6BA5C-0D27-459E-9B46-1A404A0C7CF9.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/erin__Portland__For Grandma Gladys. Loving, generous and humble. She lived a long life and passed on with grace, strength and a dry sense of humor. __20210529_110708.jpg

  • uploads/portland/jack__portland__i know we’ll make something new, something... but gosh. i… it was a life. a decade of life. and i had to grieve alone__A8A14965-098F-4450-BE5C-D7BD4DE52C26.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Michelle Latourette Wood__Portland before Las Vegas __A pointless scarecrow of sorts offered to the feral cat gods hoping they will stop murdering songbirds ASAP__81DE876D-FD4D-4279-9C87-702A3C8C88A4.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Rashel Peddersen__PICA__Two rocks resting on one another.__PXL_20210528_220710291.jpg

  • uploads/portland/Kristan Kennedy __PICA__A long string of dried marigolds from a temple in Kerala India in memory of my friend Dan Winter __PXL_20210528_220939156.jpg

  • uploads/portland/sophia tweed ahmad__portland__a letter to a number of loved ones paying homage, respect and honoring them now, before and forever love your grandughter, niece and dear friend.__0A855D91-F128-47BB-96F9-40F8F06931DA.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Craig Epplin__Portland__an origami swan__9DB77CDA-35B6-41D8-8A71-65423B36E944.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Mona McNeil__Portland Or__Copyof Japanese book with myhusband’s research. Corn husk and oystershells__130522BF-1709-4B00-8DED-91B4CCDCED89.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Leslie Vigeant__PICA__A small bouquet of yellow mums. __F9DE95E4-D2AA-4EF8-8554-3D8F2BE64D1A.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Roya__Portland__For Ernie: a snapshot of Roberta Flack’s record album with “Bridge Over Troubled Water”; a grey lighter for smoking cigarettes __2183055B-4D23-4D92-8BA4-F45BCFC6D992.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Dana__Southeast pdx__True love __39054FE0-73CC-4B26-BE81-03BE6E5F946E.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Jennifer Randall__Portland Oregon __Ceremonial herbs and melancholy imagery. Holding grief in a safe space. __20FAB506-353E-4992-AB7F-B866D4855A39.jpeg

  • uploads/portland/Maya__Portland, OR__A selection from the "Stages of Gestation" series. A meditation on seed, growth and becoming.__IMG_4587.jpg

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Syracuse + Hamilton

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  • Syracuse + Hamilton

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  • uploads/syracuse/visitor__Onondaga Lake__pumpkin__IMG_1486.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/visitor__Onondaga Lake__Mme Oumy Hanne__IMG_1489.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/visitor__Onondaga Lake__collage__IMG_1492.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/visitor__Onondaga Syracuse__i release this mask__IMG_1493.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/visitor__Onondaga Lake__a see through being__IMG_1495.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/Deiiewennahkwa __Onondaga __Tobacco pouch__2D23DC01-7D8C-451E-AE6A-50CD685D9485.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Rebecca Garden__Onondaga Syracuse__Red and gold viral zinnia heart embroidered on a tree patterned shower curtain__IMG_8790.JPG

  • uploads/syracuse/Kathleen R.__Onondaga Lake__Andy Goldsworthy (artist) inspired sculpture consisting of natural products to demonstrate impermanence. __Altar Offering.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/Nicole__Syracuse__Amethyst for protection, cleansing, and intuition. Rainbow moonstone for healing. "People tend to believe that grief shrinks over time, what really happens is that we grow around our grief." __IMG_7746.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/Kelly Denne-Maher__Syracuse Onondaga Lake__For mom’s and babies-sacrifices made __deadbird offering photo.jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/Veronica __Syracuse __Lady Bug steppingstone dedicated to loved ones and patients lost__061ECF05-49F7-4910-8E2F-CF7F400392CF.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Nicole__Onondaga Lake__ Amethyst for protection, cleansing, and intuition. Rainbow moonstone for healing. "People tend to believe that grief shrinks over time, what really happens is that we grow around our grief."__IMG_1487 (1).jpg

  • uploads/syracuse/Jess Posner __Onondaga Lake__White pine, feathers, and ribbon—grief companions, teachers, and medicine. __63F1C9F9-C57F-4224-840E-E4FCF79F3B5E.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Jess Posner __Onondaga Lake __Roses wrapped in paper. Heart medicine for a lost understanding. __0636814E-323B-4F94-932D-43404F932A79.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Christian DuComb__Syracuse, NY__For my grandfather, who always wanted a boat.__IMG-4872.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/C__Syracuse __One of Great Aunt Ruth’s buttons. __7AD4E4C9-9A4B-4FD2-88A5-9F01C82D19BE.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Kathleen Plate__Atlanta GA __Dominos, friends around a table, wine, laughter, cuban music always playing... your favorite number 22, your favorite color baby blue. __Omi22.JPG

  • uploads/syracuse/R__Here__For my grandparents __2254C9A4-D885-4840-9312-53775A5FC543.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Caitlin __Syracuse__A small hand mirror with a turquoise gemstone on the back, intricately wrought; the mirror is cracked in the middle (not shown). __CD8B8126-D083-4D3F-AA79-A432FD97F258.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/devynn__Onondaga Lake__bark from a fallen willow for the Onondaga Nation. may this lake be restored and returned__3462ACC4-3698-4895-86D6-B201DBD4DE91.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Reilly__Onondaga Lake Park__For my brothers friend Stephanie__FC3563B4-EDA0-4905-942F-8A67582676D3.jpeg

  • uploads/syracuse/Reilly__Onondaga Lake Park__For Peter__BAEF5750-3D8D-42BB-B41C-F87A9C2D3B2F.jpeg

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  • uploads/at-home/Kaity__Washington DC __3 year anniversary __BDC6169C-9C03-4EA2-9300-E79D5CD011AA.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/Ryan__Nipmuc and Pocumtuc land, Northampton, MA__For Lucia Leandro. Altar after the scorpio moon. Salt water, amethyst, gold glitter dusted blossoms. Sunflowers planted in the damp grass. __IMG_3401.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/regan__trenton, nj__st. jude medal and college class ring__20210430_164114.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/Arianna Bow__Coles Tower, Bowdoin College__mask I made out of materials — mostly discarded embroidery thread — I found in my girlfriend’s dorm__image.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/devynn__Brooklyn __Rose’s for LL our lion queen __65B69979-D29E-4850-96DB-53406EFC7A27.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/Karis Treadwell__Maine- Wabanaki Confederacy__For my great-grandfather, Carl.__thumbnail_Image.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/andrew__abenaki land of the mississquoi (called vermont)__i built this altar after my vaccine shot__IMG_1100.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/Kimberly__Shawnee Yuchi land__an elixir for grief made of the violets emerging on the land I take care of that I gathered on the day of the Deadbird premier. a sweet libation of remembering __E85B22BA-E8DE-4006-999E-D5EAD0842852.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/Monica __Florence, MA__This is a tribute to my parents. __IMG_0625.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/Pamela Sass__Prospect Park Brooklyn__This is in memory of my Uncle Bob who died recently. He spend his last weeks immersed in the love of his family and friends and we hold him in our hearts.__IMG_1996.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/amy chavasse__ Anishinaabeg (including Odawa, Ojibwe, and Boodewadomi) and Wyandot__milkweed in memory of my parents. they spread love and life, providing sustenance and respect for all creatures. they passed this to me__milkweed.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/Lisa Erdman__Portland__This cone offering embodies my wishes for healing towards a relative, and for those friends lost to COVID-19.__offering_Lisa.jpg

  • uploads/at-home/Simon__Paris__The tip of a peacock feather__E1E85642-8F4F-492D-9211-264AE16D45BB.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/Steve E.__Bradenton, Florida__An Hibiscus tree that gets a lot of sunshine and love on our Lanai.__8926A03E-1918-4D69-8852-37F633783F7F.jpeg

  • uploads/at-home/devynn__Lenapehoking__seeds from my mother’s garden __IMG_4062(2).jpg

  • uploads/at-home/devynn__Brooklyn __a portal of sandalwood__2726D006-D04F-485A-91FA-0097FE26F711.jpeg