at home

watch the film

while deadbird is on tour, you can self-stream the film by purchasing a sliding scale ticket in NYC, Philadelphia, Portland, or LA. you can register for those tickets here. when the deadbird tour is complete, you’ll be able to self-stream the film here by purchasing a pay-per-view rental.


create your own altar

june - after the screening

if can anybody help me hold this body is not touring near you, or you’d prefer to build an altar where you are, please follow these instructions.


to participate:

  • 1. locate a meaningful item of your selection in honor of a loved one lost, or medicine for the collective moment

    2. please find a location outside to make an offering for a loved one who has passed, to make an offering for the grief of this moment, for someone you’d like to honor in these pandemics, to honor yourself

    3. you are invited to place your item in this location

    4. you are invited to photograph this offering, and upload it to the collective altar archive