how to watch

deadbird is available for streaming during a four-city tour throughout the spring season of 2021, beginning march 31 and ending in the early summer. see below for tickets.

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you are invited to watch the film during its tour at one of the cities listed below. when the tour is completed, it will be available to self-stream on this website. learn more about the film and the opening night conversation between devynn emory and Okwui Okpokwasili.

accompanying the film is can anybody help me hold this body, a public grief altar in several u.s. cities (or create one of your own) after screening the film.

deadbird centers a cyclical duet between devynn and manny the mannequin in an object/abject relations reflection. devynn is an Indigenous and transgender person who has a long spiritual practice in bridging planes to the spirit world, finding a wild commonality and kinship with the medical mannequins used as the main

teaching tool in nursing school. finding these mannequins as familiar in-between space, deadbird follows three characters who share their stories of near-death experiences and the afterlife, seeded in an amalgamation of patients passed, friends lost in queer community, and family taken by COVID-19.

part-critical commentary of the medical industrial complex in friction with devynn’s ceremonial end-of-life care, deadbird invites an audience to move with these three

characters through three cycles: we begin in an absurdist talk show bleeding truths of medical exploitation; we move to a ritual bathing sequence finding the balm of stretched time while creating space for deteriorating bodies; and we use portals of transformation where the characters transition identity and cross over thresholds and planes. deadbird concludes with an invitation to be unalone.