Onondaga + Oneida+Haudenosaunee / syracuse + hamilton

watch the film + attend a workshop

deadbird will be presented by SUNY Upstate Medical University and Colgate University from october 13-15, 2022. you may watch the live film screening + panel conversation or self-stream the film on october 14, attend a workshop at SUNY Upstate Medical University (october 13) and attend a workshop at Colgate University (october 14), and visit the public grief altar can anybody help me hold this body from oct 13-15. click the link for tickets to the workshops and both experiences of watching the film + panel conversation. everyone is welcome at each event, and registration is free. Registering for the events you'll be attending allows us to send you detailed information about each event, important accessibility information, and COVID safety information.

Support for this tour is provided by the Upstate Nursing Alumni Association Whitney Lectureship, Upstate Medical University College of Nursing, with additional support from the Consortium for Culture and Medicine, and Colgate University.

thursday, october 13

(1) 12pm-1:30pm EST: "collaborating with grief, moving toward connection, a space for healthcare professionals,” a workshop by devynn emory @SUNY Upstate, New Academic Building, 4414A [in-person]

Walking directions to NAB Room 4414A from University Lobby can be found here.

Walking directions to NAB Room 4414 through Weiskotten Hall can be found here.

(2) 3pm-6pm: can anybody help me hold this body public grief altar activation and tending @Onondaga Lake Park [in-person, with at-home remote option]

friday, october 14

(1) 6am-6pm (All Day): can anybody help me hold this body public grief altar open @Onondaga Lake Park [in-person, with at-home remote option]

(2) 2:45pm-4pm EST: "land somatics: moving grief and re-connecting," a workshop by devynn emory @Colgate University (212 Ryan Studio) [in-person]

(3) 5pm-6:35pm EST: Film screening of deadbird and panel conversation with devynn emory, Caitlin Nye, Liz Jorolemon Smith, and Meika Loe @Colgate University [in-person], hybrid @SUNY Upstate, New Academic Building, 4414A [in-person], and at-home remote option], Golden Auditorium, Little Hall

for at-home participation, please use this link to register and view the film and the panel conversation.

you can engage preshow audio description notes here. audio description is offered by Marielys Burgos Meléndez.

you will access the film with audio description at this link, which will go live at the same time as the livestream.

saturday, october 15

(1) 11am-2pm: can anybody help me hold this body public grief altar tending and close @Onondaga Lake Park [in-person, with at-home remote option]


visit the altar

october 13 - 15, 2022

you are invited to honor this body lost. this body leads us to many bodies past, present and future. can anybody help me hold this body? our grief can be holy if we let it.

from october 13-15 the altar will be open to visit at the water’s edge along the Restoration Way path, halfway between the Salt Museum and Wegman’s Playground at Onondaga Lake Park in Syracuse, NY.

it will be activated by devynn emory (Lenape/Blackfoot) on thursday, october 13, 2022 at 3pm. you are invited to witness this ritual.

the altar will remain open to anyone from dawn to dusk on friday, october 14. devynn will be present to tend to the altar and all who engage it on october 13 from 3pm-6pm and on october 15 from 11am-2pm.

devynn will close the altar at 2pm on saturday, october 15, 2022. you are invited to witness this ritual as well.

may we insist on visualizing the accumulation of our grief and the accumulation of our ancestors as we understand that without this pause, we too will be lost. may we take a moment with our loved ones and for our own resilient living beings.


to participate:

  • 1. please find the following map with the location of a public grief altar

    2. locate a meaningful item of your selection in honor of a loved one lost, or medicine for the collective moment. you are invited to photograph this item and upload it to the online archive before arriving to the altar.

    3. travel to this location

    4. an altar tender will be present during the appointed times, although you are welcome to visit any time during park hours

    5. when you arrive to the altar, you are invited to place your item where you are called to do so.

    you are invited to document your altar offerings and upload them to the archive.


  • accessibility information:
    deadbird film screening and panel conversation
    (1) CART captioning

    (2) Audio description

    can anybody help me hold this body public grief altar
    (1) a curb ramped entrance to the park is located at the southeast corner of the parking lot. this entrance is approximately .2 miles on a 12.5 ft. wide paved path from the site location. upon arrival, the altar is approximately 20 ft. off of the paved path onto level grass. during the hours when the altar is tended, the altar tender can assist with offerings if the grass is inaccessible.

    (2) there are multiple paved paths to the site location and bathrooms, all of which include some variation and cracks. here is a more detailed park map to help you plan your visit.

    (3) accessible restrooms and water fountain are open daily from 7:30am-7pm in the Joseph A. Griffin Visitor Center, next to the Salt Museum.

    (4) questions about accessibility? contact Denise Crandall at dcrandall@colgate.edu
  • transit:
    Bus: The SY46 bus runs to Oswego St. & Onondaga Lake Parkway, then travel .3 miles to the park entrance. The SY48 bus runs to Old Liverpool Rd & Pearl St, then travel .4 miles to the park entrance.

    Car: Onondaga Lake Park (106 Lake Drive, Liverpool, NY 13088) has ample parking in the parking lot closest to the altar site.

    click here for more information on covid safety and how to visit